Thanks to everyone for coming along. It was fantastic weather for the event. Perhaps too good as many reported the fishing was pretty tough. 

There were loads of fish entered but a few categories didn't get enough for all places and no one caught a Mulloway or a Threadfin. 

Monday was the photo entry weigh in. It was a stunning day. We had thousands of people at the event for the Wynnum Manly Seafood Festival and it went of like a cracker. Way more people than we thought meant long lines but otherwise a great day. 

Massive thank you to all the volunteers that worked so hard to get this event up and running and were there on the day. Long hot day but I hope it was fun. 

Here are the results for this years Classic;



  1. Liam Crosby 28.1

  2. Joel Towns 28.0

  3. Daniel Craig 27.1


No fish measured


  1. Marcus Laird 61

  2. Koby Savas 56

  3. Elliott Henning 48


  1. Marcus Laird 37

  2. Koby Savas 33


No fish measured

Champion Angler Junior 

Koby Savas 115.5 -  Bream 26.5 Flathead 56, Snapper 33



  1. Steve Collyer 38.5

  2. Lachlan Pittman 33.7

  3. Khean Mak 32


  1. Tom Pittceathyly 24.1


  1. Wayne Jack 76

  2. Khean Mak 67

  3. Stuart Laird 66


  1. Lachlan Pittman 47

  2. Stuart Aird 41

  3. Khean Mak 37

Mullowy /Threadfin

No fish measured

Champion Angler

Khean Mak 136 Bream 32, Flathead 67, Snapper 37

Congratulation to our 2 boat winners as well. It is fantastic that the 4.2 went to a local Wynnum Family that have always wanted a boat but could never really afford one. 

See you all again next year.